Winter Elopement Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

If you are looking for a great mountain elopement venue in the winter, then you better check the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort at Golden, BC. Known for having the highest elevated restaurant in Canada, a world-class skiing environment, and a 360-degree view of the Canadian Rockies, the resort offers great options for a ceremony in winter.

To make things perfect, check out the tips below:

Tips When Eloping In Golden, BC

  1. Monitor the road conditions. In wintertime, many unpredictable things can happen and cause damage. It is also expected that you have to be flexible with your schedule or preparation.
  2. In case the day might be unfavorable due to bad weather, secure a backup plan and a convenient rescheduling.
  3. Remember that what you are availing is a mountain elopement during the winter. Therefore, dressing appropriately is a must. Do not wear fancy heels or any fashionable item with no function during the situation.
  4. Utilize the multiple options that the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort provides. This can be helpful when making adjustments on tight schedules.
  5. Be mindful of the time zone of Golden, BC. It is important in terms of handling logistics and the length of planning.

If you’re having a small ceremony, there are multiple great AirBnBs available near the venue of your mountain elopement.

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