Q: Why did you choose to do elopement photography?

A: We chose to be in such a field because we enjoy helping couples celebrate their love and keeping that special chapter well-documented for their future use.

Q: Can friends and family members be invited to my elopement?

A: Of course. You can have them as your witnesses, but it doesn’t mean it is necessary. In elopement, witnesses can be the persons next to you at the moment, even if they do not know you personally.

Q: What is the coverage of your services?

A: We have a variety of services offered. What our responsibilities will be and what will be yours are needed to be discussed before you decide to sign the contract. Most often, we will help in figuring out the logistics and brands necessary during the preparation and celebration. Additionally, the budget and timetable will also be discussed beforehand so that we have accurate estimates.

Q: Are wedding albums included?

A: All our photography packages include albums. If you prefer a more personalized touch, we also cater to that demand. Prices will be appropriately discussed.

Q: Do you offer engagement photoshoots?

A: We do have packages catering for engagement. This not only includes photography but other necessary things as well.

Q: What happens if the situation turns unfavorable?

A: Some locations and dates can give you ideas of what can go wrong based on our years of experience and initiative. However, there will be situations considered as “acts of God.” In such moments, we will be open to communicating with you and try to resolve the situation in the most understanding and efficient manner.