Vape Photography: Tips to Take Vape Cloud Photos Like a Pro

Alongside the growing popularity of vaping, vape photography has also emerged as an art form as a means of showcasing the beauty of vape clouds in captivating images.
Whether you’re a vape enthusiast or a professional photographer looking to delve into this exciting genre, taking vape cloud photos like a pro requires the best pg/vg ratio for flavor and some specific techniques and creativity.
In this article, we’ll explore some valuable tips that will help elevate your vape photography …

Manning Park Engagement Best Wildflowers Near Vancouver

Looking for the perfect place to propose this summer? Check out Manning Park where it has endless amounts of wildflowers and diverse vegetation. For an outdoorsy person, this place seems like a paradise. From the mountain views to the magical Alpine Meadows, anywhere in Manning Park can be great for pictorials.
To make it perfect, here are important tips that you must not miss out on:
Tips When Planning An Engagement Or Eloping At Manning Park

Do not ignore the signs nor stray off the trail. In order not to disturb the blooming vegetation and fragile ecosystem of Alpine Meadows, you must follow the marked …

How Much Does It Cost To Elope In BC

Most couples prefer elopements since they can be far more cost-efficient compared to traditional weddings. Based on quick research, the elopement cost in BC is about 16,000 CAD on average. For comparison, the average cost of a traditional wedding in Canada is around 30,000 CAD. It can even go big quickly to 100,000 CAD especially when you many to invite.
To stay on the average cost or to lower the number, here are the factors that you can adjust:

Number of guests
Options for inclusivity
Date and location
Taxable things and tips
Procedures that can and cannot be DIY

For …

Winter Elopement Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

If you are looking for a great mountain elopement venue in the winter, then you better check the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort at Golden, BC. Known for having the highest elevated restaurant in Canada, a world-class skiing environment, and a 360-degree view of the Canadian Rockies, the resort offers great options for a ceremony in winter.
To make things perfect, check out the tips below:
Tips When Eloping In Golden, BC

Monitor the road conditions. In wintertime, many unpredictable things can happen and cause damage. It is also expected that you have to be flexible with your schedule or …