Unique Elopement Ideas

It is now normal to choose a unique form of ceremony or photoshoot for the wedding or elopement. If you have enough planning period, budget, and research, you can achieve that unique wedding or elopement of yours. To give you some inspiration, here are several great unique ideas:

Hiking Elopement

This is the most common outdoorsy idea applicable to elopement. You have no shortage of locations in Canada with amazing mountain views. There are even venues wherein hiking is more relaxing than adventurous.

Helicopter Elopement

Looking for an adventure in the atmosphere? Try renting a helicopter service to make your dream elopement real.

Campfire/Picnic Elopement

Another outdoorsy idea, camping or picnic elopement captures the essence of your love of each other and your love of nature.

Hot Air Balloon Elopement

If you want something fancier for a mid-air elopement, then riding the hot air balloon can be a great idea. You can enjoy the overlooking view at the top at a much slower pace than the helicopter.

Biking Elopement

Riding a bike or a motorcycle as an elopement idea is unique. It also signifies that even though you both maneuver your bike, riding together side-by-side makes it more special.

Fishing Elopement

Either unique or weird, fishing is a viable idea for elopement. This may be catered to those who grow up enjoying the lake or love being near the shore life.

Snow Sports Elopement

Looking for adventure elopement during winter? Try winter or snow sports. You can do skiing, riding a snowmobile, or even dog sledding. This may apply to a select few though, specifically athletes or adrenaline junkies.

Tree-Planting Elopement

How about considering a double purpose elopment – celebrating love while saving the Earth? Tree-planting elopement sounds unique but it preaches selflessness of the moment.

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